NLTCS Advisory Groups

The National Long Term Care Survey is administered with the assistance of two advisory groups, the Data Monitoring Board (appointed by the NIA) and an NLTCS Steering Committee appointed by the Principal Investigator.

The NLTCS Data Monitoring Board

The Data Monitoring Board (DMB) was appointed to oversee the National Long Term Care Survey Cooperative Agreement between Duke University and the National Institute on Aging. The DMB was chosen from a number of well-respected researchers in various areas of the field of aging. The DMB reviews plans and makes suggestions related to the scientific and research missions of the 2004 NLTCS, as well as on related issues such as data dissemination for all waves. The DMB reports to NIA and makes recommendations to and on behalf of NIA. The DMB is coordinated by Dr. Rose Li under agreement with NIA.

The NLTCS Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of a group of nationally- and internationally-recognized scholars and policy analysts who together form a distinguished body of experts whose role is to ensure that the data collected in the NLTCS are of a sufficient breadth and quality to be brought to bear on the broad range of economic and policy issues to which the survey is relevant. It is complementary to the DMB, whose primary concern is with the scientific aspects of the survey and its potential for fostering research.