National Long-Term Care Survey

March 18, 2003:

Mailing list for NLTCS data users created.  

March 14, 2003

Unicon Research released version 3.1 of NLTCS Utilities, the first post-beta version.

March 3, 2003:

Version 1.0 (Final) of the 1999 NLTCS data has been released

January 9, 2003:

NLTCS Favorably Reviewed

Authors writing in the December 25, 2002, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association evaluated 8 "unique repeat cross-sectional and cohort surveys of US prevalence trends in disability or functioning among persons generally aged 65 or 70 years or older" and found that:

the National Long Term Care Survey, one of the best designed surveys for analyzing national disability trends, shared the following strengths: coverage of the full 1990 decade; inclusion of the institutional population; identical field procedures; detailed disability questions; low loss-to-follow-up rates. The only relatively weak feature of this survey for assessing trends (which may fluctuate from year to year) was that it was administered only once every 5 years. Abstract   Full Text

August 29, 2002:

Version I of Medicare Data (1991-2000) linked to NLTCS Data is now available from CMS.

August 8, 2002:

The variable crosswalk to the Community Survey of the 1999 NLTCS has been corrected. ASCII positions for variables ADL_7B_1 through ADL_7B_9 were corrected.

April 26, 2004:

Richard Kulka named Co-PI for 2004 NLTCS

Richard A. Kulka has been appointed co-PI (with Kenneth G. Manton) for the 2004 NLTCS and has been named Visiting Professor of Survey Statistics and Methodology by Duke University.

Kulka is Senior Vice President at RTI International, which participated in the 1999 NLTCS as a subcontractor for the Next-of-Kin Survey and biological specimen collection. As co-PI, he will be responsible for facilitating the conduct of and enhancing the National Long Term Care Survey. He will assume responsibility for all key tasks related to survey operations, including control and oversight of instrument programming and testing, field operations, and editing, cleaning, documentation, and dissemination of data files.

Kulka received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan (1975) in Social Psychology and was on the staff of the Survey Research Center at Michigan's Institute for Social Research from 1973-1980. He served as Senior Vice President for Survey Research, NORC, at the University of Chicago before assuming the position of Senior Vice President at RTI International in 1994.

Dr. Kulka will be joined on the 2004 NLTCS team by Nicholas A. Holt. Dr. Holt has been appointed Senior Research Scientist and will serve as Project Manager for the 2004 Survey. He will be responsible for key tasks in survey operations, including oversight of instrument programming and testing, field operations, and editing and cleaning of files. Holt received his Ph.D. in Sociology (1979) from the University of Georgia. He is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in managing survey research projects similar to the National Long Term Care Survey, including experience in CATI/CAPI instrument development, field operations, and data management. His most recent position was Senior Vice President and Director of the Social and Policy Research Group, RoperASW (now NOP World).