National Long-Term Care Survey

What data are available?

NLTCS Survey Data

Two Public Use Files currently distributed on CD-ROM:

Final versions of data for all waves up to and including 1999 have been released and are supported by documentation, both online and as part of the distributed CD-ROM. The Beta-2 version of 2004 survey was released on November 30, 2006.

NLTCS Linked Data

The following files are available only from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS):

1991-2004 Medicare Standard Analytic File records for the 49,242 people entering the survey from 1982-2004:

Carrier Claims Record (Physician Part B) , 1991-2005
Clinical Labs, 1991-1994
Denominator File, version I, 1991-2005
Durable Medical Equipment, 1994-2005
Home Health Agency, 1991-2005
Hospice, 1991-2005
Inpatient, 1991-2005
Outpatient, 1991-2005
Skilled Nursing Facility, 1991-2005
Vital Statistics File containing survey participants' dates of birth and death and removed from the public use files for reasons of confidentiality.

1984-1990 Medicare records for the 30,308 people entering the survey from 1982-1989:

Denominator Cross-Reference File, - Version H, 1984-1990
Version H Detailed Specs
Version I Nearline Changes
Medicare Automated Data Retrieval System, 1984-1990

1982-1983 Medicare records for the 25,398 people entering the survey in 1982 and 1984:

Medicare Part A Home Health Agency, Part B
Medicare Part A Home Health Agency, Part B, Inpatient, Skilled Nursing Facility
Medicare Part B