National Long-Term Care Survey

Data Dictionaries

Data dictionaries are available for both Core and the Next of Kin Surveys, as well as for the 1982-2004 Analytic File. Also included under 'Data Dictionaries' are listings of variables both alphabetically and by ASCII position and well as variables not generated by the Survey itself ('Study Variables'). Data dictionaries for linked Medicare files are provided as available.

Core Surveys

1982 - 1999

1982    1984    1989    1994    1999 Non-Survey Variables (Other 1999 data dictionary variables appear in the questionnaires)


Screener   Control Card    Community   Institutional    Informal Caregiver    Non-Survey Variables  

Variables, by ASCII Position

1982    1984    1989    1994    1999

Variables, Alphabetically by Name

1982    1984    1989    1994    1999    2004

Next of Kin Survey

1999 Next of Kin Data Dictionary

1999 Next of Kin Place of Birth Data Dictionary



1999 Respondent



Analytic File

1982 - 2004 Data Dictionary

Note: The ADL and IADL Triggers found in the Analytic File can be independently reproduced from the Activities of Daily Living and the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living variable crosswalks, respectively.