National Long-Term Care Survey


November 30, 2006 -- 2004 Beta-2 Data Released

September 30, 2006 -- Center for Demographic Studies Closes

What's New in the 2004-2005 NLTCS:



Detailed Control Card:

IADL Helpers:

Detailed Community Questionnaire:

Selection of the Primary Caregiver:

Detailed Institutional Questionnaire:

Detailed Community and Institutional Questionnaires:

Other Documentation:

Obtaining the 2004 Data:

If you are a current DUA holder, you should have received an email instructing you how to obtain the 2004 data.  If you are not a current DUA holder - nor did not receive an email from us - please see Obtain Data.  If you have any questions, contact:

Kenneth G. Manton, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator