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Coding of occupation for the "young cohort" of the Danish twin register - A resource for future epidemiologic research.   Hartvigsen J, Lings S, Corder EH. Scand J Public Health. 1999. 27(2):148-151. Abstract.

Cost and Outcomes of Stroke and Hip Fracture: Rising Costs but Better Outcomes?   Sloan FA, Taylor DH Jr, Picone GA. American Journal of Public Health. 1999. 89(6): 935-937. Abstract.

Decreasing morbidity will affect LTC insurance.   Stallard E. LTC News and Comment: News and Views on the Financing of Long-Term Care. 1999. 9:1-3, July.

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How much do persons with Alzheimer's disease cost Medicare?   Taylor DH, Sloan FA. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2000. 48(6):639-646. Abstract.

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