National Long-Term Care Survey

Data Collection

The following grid shows the years in which the NLTCS and its supplements were conducted. A 'Y' indicates that a given survey was conducted in that year. Clicking on a 'Y' brings up the appropriate metadata screen, which has some basic information about that survey: sample size, questionnaires, and other documentation as appropriate. The metadata information will be significantly augmented in later website releases. As it stands, the grid can serve as a quick reference to the entire NLTCS. Detailed information about each survey component can be found in the 'Data' section of the website.

Interview Data 1982 1984 1989 1994 1999 2004
Community   Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y  
Institutional   Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y  
Screener   Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y  

Caregiver   Y     Y     Y  
Institutional Follow-Up


Venipuncture   Y  
Buccal   Y